Frequently Asked Questions about CliCs

Whats so great about CliCs and Why do I need them?
They are sturdy, dependable and always there when you need them. You can lean over and they won’t slip or fall like regular glasses plus it makes them easy to find when you keep them around your neck. All CliC Eyewear has a unique one-piece headband that allows them to hang around your neck and arms on the side that adjust for a more custom fit. When you need to put them on they click together, in the front, using a patented neodymium magnet that has been tested to stay connected in speeds of up to 130 mph.

How do I know what frame works for me?
If you wear a small or XS we suggest Original Short or Petite
If you wear a medium/Large most all frames will work
If you wear a XL or higher we recommend the XXL or Executive
**Please feel free to contact us with questions 

What magnification do I wear?
CliC here for a printable Eye Chart?

How do I adjust my glasses?
We have a couple of videos that demonstrate how to adjust your eyewear for a custom fit.
Sides:  CliC here to watch a video

XXL:    CliC here to watch a video

Flex:    CliC here to watch a video

How do in install replacement lenses?
CliC here for video 
**please note, we only offer replacement lenses on select styles 

Can you do different magnifications in each eye?
Yes, on select styles we can – please contact us for info

Can I get a prescription put in?
Yes, if your unable to find someone in your area to assist you, we recommend Dr. D Scott Shettle.  We have worked with them for 10 years.

Contact Dr Shettle’s office
D. Scott Shettle, O.D.
4200 Fourth Street North, Suite F
St. Petersburg, FL 33703

 “I just wanted to let you know that our Lenscrafters put my prescription lenses into your frames. They work and look great! Best thing is I got them for free! My insurance paid for the new lenses! A hui hou.” – Paul

“I have had my prescription put in CliC Reader, Half Frame, Euro, Executive and Monarch Sunglass frames. Love the ease of having them hang around my neck and ready in a moment. Hands Down my sunglasses are the best glasses I own. I will have a script in a pair of CliCs always.” – David

Whats the warranty?
Because CliCs hang comfortably around your neck, there’s less chance of scratching or breaking the lenses. When you take them off they lay on the band and not on the lenses. The neckband is very durable. It stretches and bends without breaking. Here’s what some of our customers say about the durability of their CliCs:

“I still have my CliCs from when you first started. It’s the ONLY pair of glasses that that EVER lasted this long without either getting lost or sat on. Thanks!” – Lynn D.

“Husband and I have two pair each… they are FABULOUS! Have not ruined or lost a pair (anything before lasted 6 weeks maximum)” – Marcia N.

If you have any problems with your CliCs in your first 90 days of purchase, please contact us. 

How do I clean my CliCs?
CliC Eyewear should NOT be submersed in water. The lenses can be cleaned with soap and water, dried, then polished with the micro-fiber cloth (included, at no charge, with every pair of CliCs you order from us).

**Our CliC Medical Splash Protection Eyewear lenses, however, can be cleaned with soap and water or isopropyl alcohol to disinfect. 

Orders over $50 qualify for free shipping. We ship via US Postal and offer 3 shipping rates:

$3.99 – regular shipping 7-10 days
$10.00 – Priority shipping 3-5 days
$35.00 – EXPRESS Shipping 1-2 days (note a signature is required for Express shipping)

If you need to return or exchange something, just give us a call or email prior so we know the product is coming. Please include a copy of your receipt so your request can be processed quickly. Send returns to:

Impulse CliCs
2323 Dr. MLK Jr St N
St Petersburg, FL 33704

1-866-992-CliC (2542)
1-877-213-5565 (fax)



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