Readerest Reading Glasses "Spring Hills"



Blue Blocker Computer Lenses

Spring Hinged


  • Long Lasting – Only the best quality lenses and frames.
  • Spring Hinges –  Designed for comfort.
  • Blue Blocking Lenses – Protect your eyes from the harsh blue light of our daily devices.
  • UV400 Protection + Anti-Reflective Lenses – Quality lenses matter.
  • Superior Design – Strong and lightweight.
  • Style – Modern, sleek, stylish and works with all clothing


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Slastik foldable

It’s not just a pair of glasses. It’s the first step to a more comfortable life.

Slastik Eyewear has our patented magnetic connection and folds to fit into a carrying case. Available as Computer Readers, Regular Readers and Sunglasses.

Ewok, Jabba, Leia, Chelsea, Windu, Trevi, Gonk, Bodo, Denga, Nashi, Soho, Taku, Yoda


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